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Monday, April 6, 2015




This morning the  garden was full of  butterflies.

Perhaps after the drizzle followed by warm sunshine the  air  is  cozy and pleasant  for the butterflies to enjoy fluttering their wings and float around the sky aimlessly that  gives them  immense joy. 

They flew high and low  in  beautiful pattern some times as low as to touch the  short plants with flowers near  the  ground.

My grand_daughter who  was  playing around there was so intrigued to  watch  them  flying and  went  running hither and thither  to  catch  them in the  air; or at least  touch one of them.   

She almost caught one of them when I hastened  and  said   “Don’t  don’t…” .

“Why thathaa…?” she  retorted.

“Why do you want to catch  them?”  I  said.

“I don’t  know why….  I  like  it…”

“Can  you  tell  me  why?” 

“When  I  see  them  flying   I  feel  like  catching  them it is like plucking  the    flower in  the  air…. … ha ha…!”

“But   do  you   know  it  is  like  pricking   their   legs  for  them. It may  hurt. Why  do  you  want  to  catch  them ?”

“Maybe… I don’t know…I am jealous of  them  flyi ng free  in   the air .. which I  would not be  able to  do .”

“Oh yes, you may be right, child… but there  are  so  many things around you  about  which you  may  be jealous because you  cannot  be like  them!!.. can  it  be  the  rea son  for  you  to  hurt them?”

She   kept  nibbling  at  her  fingers for  some time to  think  of  an  answer.

No thatha  may  be  you  are   right in what you  say…but, there  is  a  joy in catching  the  butterfly… it is fun  thaathaa…every time I try they will fly out of my hands and escape being hurt. it is a   game  we  are playing  I suppose…………..!!

“Well…as  long  as  you  keep  losing  the  game.. you  are  right… hah…  …”

And I moved away…thinking…..’perhaps… they too enjoy this game!!……who knows?....”

***imaginary talk  with  my  grand-daughter